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Today’s Beginners Photography Course got off to a great start.  Our students have joined us as they wish to learn photography fast for that all important upcoming trip!  London sunshine filled the course locations and we captured lots of blue skies in our photographs.  The student group was small with 4 course attendees.  Our photography courses are limited to 6 places and today’s group went out with 4 attending.  The course attendees loved the small group!

Learn Photography Fast in a Beginners Course

Students Learn Photography Fast in our Beginners Course

Learn Photography with London Photo Tours and Workshops

Here Ruth, Ed, Georgina and Gerard are all practicing the new settings they have been introduced to.  While looking across the River Thames to the architecture in the City of London our beginners are trying different ways to compose a photograph and are also learning about depth of field.  They are trying out different focus methods too.

They were a brilliant group who worked really hard and learned lots of new ways to use their digital cameras.

Tips for Attending a Beginners Photography Course
  • Charge your battery fully before the workshop
  • Bring a large memory card to handle the extra photos you will take during our courses
  • Pack your camera bag the evening before
  • Add our phone number to your phone in case you need to contact us on your way to the course

If you are a beginner or in need of a refresher course join our next Beginners Photography Course.  We get you away from using Auto Mode immediately.  Our Beginners Photography Course takes place on Saturday and we us stunning Central London locations as the backdrop to learning photography.  Ruth, Ed, Georgina and Gerard have now left the beginner stage and are on their way, fast tracked to intermediate level photographer.  Book with us and you can do the same – Learn Photography Fast with Expert Tuition.

For more information check our Beginners Photography Courses page.

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