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Travel Photography in Trafalgar Square

This week’s London Photography Tour was awesome. We had plenty of London sunshine to fill our travel photography scenes with saturated blue skies and fluffy white clouds. This in itself is enough to add the wow factor to your travel photography.

London Photography Tour

People fill Trafalgar Square and we get the opportunity to include them in our travel photography

It’s always good to get the whole view of a location to help you remember what the place is like.  When you are local it’s never far from your memory where everything is, but on holiday every location is new and exciting so it is a must to take a few long shots too.

London Photography Tour

Mermaid in Trafalgar Square

Now it’s time to simplify the scene and photograph a few details.  The shot of the mermaid in the Trafalgar Square fountains is a must in any travel photography portfolio.  It is such a lovely day and the fountains pop with colour and reflections, not to mention lots of lovely cooling spray from the mermaid and dolphins.  During hot weather people sit around the fountains to stay cool.  Capturing what people do in the location too adds a personal touch to your travel shots.   Don’t worry about including people in your travel shots as this adds scale to surrounding architecture and helps to empower travel photography.  Today we look like we are in the Mediterranean with refreshing turquoise blues dominating the colour of the water in the fountains!

Love London? – then join us on one of Photography Tours in London for an exceptional learning experience.  We will help you to get the best shots possible.

See you soon for a great day of photography!

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