Photography Course Guide

Finding The The Correct Course for You – a Short Guide

Our photography courses and workshops are delivered as individual modules, and when combined, provide a comprehensive pathway of instruction.

The following short-course options show our progression routes from beginners to confident photographer. You can leave out the beginner stage if you feel you have the experience already.

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Beginners Photography Courses

(Suitable for those who want to advance from Auto and Scene modes. Also for those going on holiday who want better photography results).

Check Out our Beginners Photography Course

Find Out about our Compact Camera Workshop

We specialise in small friendly groups.  Course places are limited to 6

Explore our photography courses range today and learn photography with expert tuition, geared towards the camera you own.

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Intermediate / Advanced Photography Courses

for those who want to find their own vision as a photographer.

Finding The Photographer Within – Photography Masterclass.

Long Exposure Photography Masterclass

Adobe Photoshop Courses

Levels range from Beginner to Intermediate: the workshops are for one or maximum of 3 persons only, so the workshops can be geared individually to your needs and knowledge level. We also teach Raw workflow, when required, from beginner stage in both digital editing and post processing courses and also in the practical photography courses.

See our Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Workshops

Our Photography Courses can be taken as scheduled or private workshops. Scheduled courses are limited to 6 persons for optimum group class dynamics. Private workshops can be taken by one person for one to one photography tuition or a group of friends.

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