Private Photography Courses & Tours


black and whote photograph of a photography student on a private courseIf you want more individual help from your tutor or you have your own group that want an exclusive tour with tuition then we can help with a range of  different private photography  tours and courses.

All our photography tours are also available as private group or 1to1 tours.  The times are the same but the choice of dates for private events is far larger.

Most of our short photography courses are also available for private booking with a larger choice of dates.

Private Group or One to One are £215 for one person with heavy discounts for small groups (*Masterclass costs a bit more).

Before choosing your date please look at the tour and course descriptions to find what you would like to do (best to note it down) and then click on a button below to choose your date from  our 1to1 availability calendar.  You then choose your workshop or tour on the booking form.

Nearly all private  tours and workshops come under the title ‘private workshop or tour booking’ but the Masterclass, Private Portraiture – Outdoor, Tower to Greenwich, and Evening Greenwich have their own booking forms. You can choose the number of places on the booking form.

if you  know what you want then you can check dates here – all available dates are shown – click below.

Private Masterclass   Private Masterclass Long Exposure   Tower To Greenwich Tour  Evening Greenwich Tour Booking  Private Portraiture Outdoor Booking 
Night Photography Tour      All Other Private Workshops or Tours Booking      



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