Creating Mood and Atmosphere in Street Photography

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Everyone loves an atmospheric image as it is the stuff of emotional responses and resonance.  Atmosphere draws us in to have a closer look at an image therefore understanding how to capture mood and atmosphere is essential to being able to create it. shoot into the light shoot in low light use different textures select colour temperature use a wide … Read More

Creative Exposures

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Today in Trafalgar Square we embrace the elements!  This time we explore water and the impact different shutter speeds can make creatively to an image.  The fountains are a great subject for using creative exposure techniques.  To enhance the image Lou transformed the colour file to black and white which creates a timeless quality to the historical context of the … Read More

Importance of Light in Photography

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Today in Trafalgar Square the light is dramatic with high contrasts.  This poses questions for our tour attendees who want to know how to deal with the tricky subject of contrasty lighting conditions. When light is bright we need to control the amount of light we let into our cameras.  This is done through understanding the relationship of shutter speed, … Read More

Low Light Photography

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Twilight is a great time to photograph London landmarks. As we approach dusk the ambient light creates a colourful atmosphere within which to capture low light photography.  A recent night photography course combined a twilight shoot in addition to a night shoot.  Lou Smith Fine Art Photographer and expert tutor delivers our night courses. Twilight is a magical time as … Read More

Chinatown Photo Walk

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Ahh…the feel of China Town is just great.  Colour pops everywhere we look.  We make the most of our surroundings as we walk through the new gated entrance on our Chinatown Photo Walk .  This photo tour is led by Lou Smith Fine Artist and expert tutor.  The day is beautifully illuminated and light fills the scene – this is … Read More

London Photo Tour

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Another great London Photo Tour with expert photographer and tutor Lou Smith.  London is beautiful in early summer.  Trees are in leaf and flower scents are blowing gently in the breeze.  We love this time of year as Spring moves gently into Summer.  It’s a wonderful introduction to what is ahead – warm summer evenings and lots of filtered light.  … Read More

London Photo Walk

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Such a perfect day for a London Photo Walk.  The sun is shining and light is naturally filtered by soft clouds.  Our small group of participants are excited by the prospect of photographing the wonderful monuments and memorials in Trafalgar Square.  This photo walk is led by Lou Smith, Fine Art Photographer and expert tutor. Our first stop is Trafalgar … Read More

Night Photo Walk

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During our recent Night Photo Walk the evening was warm and as the light faded the sky became very clear.  At twilight we made our way onto Jubilee Bridge to photograph the London Eye and Big Ben from across the River Thames.  The view was perfect!  We frame our shots and love the luminosity of the blue sky as the … Read More