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portrait photography

Private Outdoor Workshop

This is a unique natural light portrait photography workshop. Learn how to take outstanding portraits using reflectors and fill-in flash to direct light and illuminate the subject.

Working outdoors in Central London we use fantastic urban locations to get the best portraits possible. With expert tuition from Lou Smith you learn how to create stunning portrait photography.

Learn in a friendly and relaxed environment and discover how to make your friends and family look even better!

This workshop is exclusive to you and your personal group of friends/colleagues.  We require a minimum of 2 attending as we use each other as models.

Portrait Photography Course Content

  • how to compose a portrait
  • relationship between photographer and subject
  • use reflectors to direct light
  • use natural light
  • use fill-in flash to illuminate a subject without losing detail
  • pose the subject in relationship to the location
  • extract the subject from the background
  • use depth of field for portraiture
  • explore focus points and sharpness
  • use outdoor locations to enhance the portrait
  • metering modes for portrait photography
  • lenses and zoom selection
  • create urban portraits

Our popular portrait photography workshop is an enjoyable and inspirational workshop with course participants taking it in turns to pose.  Understanding what it feels like to pose and be photographed gives an invaluable insight into how individuals respond to being photographed.  This is an integral part of the course and you understand how important it is to build a rapport with your subject to extract great portraits.  This enables you to become a better and more empathetic portrait photographer.

We use a variety of poses from head and shoulders, close up and full length. You are also taught how to crop portraits with sensitivity. Discover fabulous poses within ourselves and each other.

We use stunning outdoor Central London locations specially selected for their interest.

We take a short working break for refreshments and review work completed. Review is ongoing throughout the duration of the course as Lou is on hand to answer questions as they arise.

Suitable for DSLRs, compact system cameras, bridge cameras and advanced compacts.  You should be beyond Auto and Scene modes for this course.

Meet at London Bridge.

Sunday 10.30 am – 2.30 pm

Prices: note that this private workshop is priced for a minimum of two attending – £320
2 person = £320
3+ person = £145 each

  • Central London Outdoor Locations
  • Suitable digital cameras with buttons.
  • Use each other as models
  • Prices: Private course fee from £145 per person


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Natural Light Portrait taken during our Portrait Photography Course

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