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Online Photography Mentoring

One to one theme mentoring is suitable for all photography skill levels and those who want to take on more challenges in their photography. Participants receive sensitive critical appraisal of their photographs so that they can move forward honing and developing photography skills without taking a photography course. Themes are set to bring out the most from you at your own pace and using your own individual interpretation of the themes.

 A theme is set on the 1st of every month and participants have a month in which to respond. Themes are chosen by Lou Smith and are open to interpretation by the photographer- they are set to challenge and motivate photographers to encourage continuing personal photography development. View Lou Smith’s portfolio here, Lou Smith Fine Art Photography

This one to one personal theme mentoring is offered for either 6 months or 1 year.

mentoring by theme general course

For example one month might have the theme, ‘flow’: you then interpret this theme for yourself and having worked on it with due diligence you submit your 4 most relevant photos to Lou Smith for appraisal. You can also submit written notes about what you have done if you choose. This is all done online using our Learning Zone.

Lou will then mentor you individually by giving a written appraisal of the work along with advice on how to better your work both technically and artistically.

You will be given 6 or 12 themes (according to your purchase) and your progress will be monitored individually by Lou who will notice your strengths and weaknesses with the intention of bringing your photography to the next level painlessly.



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