Online Photography Mentoring 

We get lots of customers that have enjoyed our tours or courses but are not based in London.  Online photography mentoring lets you carry on improving your photography if you can’t get to our courses.  We have a special mentoring zone where you can submit work to be reviewed by Lou Smith our expert tutor. View Lou’s portfolio here, Lou Smith Fine Art Photography

Our online modules use methods which are motivational and empowering. This will invigorate your photography and infuse it with a new understanding of what photography is and can become.

Completed modules are submitted for review by Fine Artist Photographer Lou Smith. You upload 4 of your most relevant images, for each module.

Your completed modules and submitted photographs are not made public on our website unless you want us to publish them. There is an additional opportunity for you to share your photographs on our Flickr Photography Courses Group and Facebook Page.

Mentoring by Theme

mentoring by theme image

  • Can be taken over 6 months or 12 months.
  • One theme is given to you a month for you to interpret.
  • Expert but sensitive  feedback
  • Develop your photography independently
Take a Look at Mentoring by Theme 

Mentoring by Course

We currently have three mentored courses on offer which translate well to the online format.

  • Taken over 12 – 24 months depending upon which course you choose
  • One to One Mentoring
  • Dedicated online dashboard
  • Varied modules and assignments
  • Extra Online material provided
  • Move on to the next module when a module is completed
  • Develop your photography at your own pace


Online Mentoring Street Photography

Mentoring by Course – Street Photography

Look at Mentoring by Course – Street 

online photography mentoring  outdoor portraiture

Mentoring by Course – Outdoor Portraiture

Mentoring by Course – Outdoor Portraiture

online photography mentoring abstract photography


Mentoring by Course – Abstract Photography

Look at Mentoring by Course – Abstract Photography

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  1. Hi. I’m interested in a workshop this week as my time here in London ends Monday morning. Do you have any workshops / tours which end about 1-1.30pm? Also, I would need quite an advanced level. Thanks


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