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Creative Photography Workshop

Private Course:

The aim of our Creative Seeing Photography Course is to enable you to take photographs which are beautifully composed and unique to you.

With the tutor on hand you are set a series of practical assignments to enable the process of creative visualisation and interpretation.

You learn how to visualise a scene and how it may look as a photograph, prior to taking the shot. Visualisation is an important next step in becoming a creative confident photographer.

Work with Fine Art Photographer Lou Smith and learn how to transform the world of textures, shapes and colours into stunning photographic images which you are proud of.

This course is the next step in your creative development as you learn how to make images rather than just take photos.

We take a short working break for refreshments and to review and share our progress.

Creative Seeing Workshop Outline:

  • evaluate a scene creatively
  • absorb the atmosphere of a scene
  • see the ordinary – create ‘extraordinary’
  • use colour for emotional impact
  • control shutter speed for creative effects
  • use aperture to create atmosphere
  • lighting  – how to use it creatively
  • identify your personal creative vision
  • how to ‘see’ your own photos


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This is an outdoor workshop using visually dynamic Central London outdoor and indoor locations. Our Creative Seeing Workshop is a private course option with one to one photography tuition or exclusive to your personal group of friends/colleagues.

Level: Suitable for beginners and improvers.  Suitable for all types of digital camera.

Private course pick your preferred date and start time
4 hours – choose your starting time(see booking form)

Creative Seeing Photography Workshop is an ideal progression route from our beginner Camera Workshop or for those who wish to improve composition and take their photography further.

Creative Seeing Photography Workshop is an ideal progression route from our Beginners Photography Workshop or for those who wish to improve composition and take their photography further..

  • Beginners and improvers
  • All types digital camera
  • One to One photography tuition
  • Private course pick your preferred date

Prices: Private £260, 1 person : £185 pp for 2 : £165 pp for 3+

Creative Photography Course

Learn New Creative Techniques

3 Comments on “Creative Photography”

  1. Hi,

    I want to purchase this for my partner as birthday present. She has always wanted a nice camera and some lessons in photography. Whilst she is very smart and creative, she is a complete beginner. Will the Creative Seeing course be a good fit for her.

    Also how much walking and travelling do you do?



    1. Hi Stephen

      Great to hear from you. We recommend you buy an open date photography gift certificate, which is a perfect present for your partner. It is valid for a choice of one workshop/tour from a choice of 9 options. Creative Seeing is one of the options. She can then pick the creative course she wants to do. It’s valid for a year and we always have plenty of London dates to choose from.

      Our courses involve light to moderate walking.

      We hope this information helps.

      Kind Regards
      Lou Smith

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