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ceramic poppies at the tower of london 2014 - abstract photograph

One to One Photography Mentoring

This photography course explores abstraction through the photographic image.  The course takes you into a world of abstract shapes, colours, forms and textures.  Using real life scenes or objects as a starting point learn how to create dynamic abstract responses which transcend the starting point. Create powerful abstract photographs through understanding light, tonal ranges/contrasts and colour. Learn a variety of new creative techniques which make your photography unique and personal to you.

This online course is delivered in 10 modules.  Work on modules at your own pace. You have 24 months to complete the course.

You can also book 5 modules at a time. See below for pricing.

Mentoring, image critique and evaluation by Lou Smith. Check out Lou’s Abstract Photography Portfolio.

Abstract Photography Course Modules

  1.  Introduction to Abstract Photography
  2. Simplify and abstract forms
  3. Black & White
  4. Black and White (Space)
  5. Water and Flow
  6. Using Colour
  7. Composing Colour
  8. Creative Techniques
  9. Personal Project
  10. Final Assignment and Assessment

Learn from anywhere in the world with Lou Smith.

You can book the complete course of 10 modules for £295 – you have 2 years to complete the course

Or book 5 modules for £175 – you have 1 year to complete.

When booking in part you start with modules 1-5 then book modules 6-10, when you are ready to complete the course

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