The End – New Sculpture on the 4th Plinth

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The End – New Sculpture on the 4th Plinth, Trafalgar Square

Finally we say goodbye to the Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist and hello to The End.  The exciting and new artwork by artist Heather Phillipson, was unveiled on Thursday 30 July, 2020.

The End Sculpture

The End looks like a cherry on top of cream, topped by a drone.  The drone has a curious insect like quality.  There is also a fly on the cream finding its way to the succulent topping.  It is like a giant sundae which is melting and toppling over with its heavy load. The drone suggest surveillance and the fly suggests parasites which are opportunist in nature. The sculpture uses the space of Trafalgar Square and utilises the opulence and grandeur of the space, with public gatherings, events and protests, all housed with surveillance and flies on the ointment.

The End Sculpture

The End will be on display for 2 years.  The drone will display a live feed which can be viewed on a website.  The artwork has a dystopian quality as it surveys its audience and the surrounding area of Trafalgar Square.  The End also is the first Fourth Plinth artwork to be fully accessible to the visually impaired.  There is  Braille panel on the sculpture’s plaque and an audio description of the artwork online.

We have photographed many 4th plinth artworks and this one is both exuberant and uneasy at the same time.

Join us next for our Essential London Photography Tour and get your shots of The End.



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