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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What Covid-19 safety measures are in place?

A: During Covid-19 we are committed to keeping you safe on our photography tours and workshops. Our safety measures include social distancing during our tours, hand sanitiser available for our guests, regular temperature checks for staff.  Wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory during all tours and courses outdoors.  Hire equipment is sanitised before and after use.  We are double vaccinated and are regularly tested for  Covid-19.  Book with confidence and learn photography in London safely.

Q: Would you call these a photography workshop or photography courses as well as being a photographic tour?

A: Yes – it can be just as you require. They are definitely photography workshops and courses in the amount of tuition given – it’s just we use London cityscape as the backdrop to your work.

Q: What is the difference between your photo tours and an ordinary tour where I bring my camera?

A: We concentrate on the photo first and help you to get the best shots. We design our tours with photographs in mind, taking into account the direction of light at different times of day – and we find the best viewpoints. This attention to detail will make a huge difference to your results and we have worked these things out in advance when arranging the tours.

Q : Do I need to have an expensive camera and long lenses?

A: No, you can have any camera or lens. We are catering for people that have an interest in photography and want to take better photos – the intention is the important thing.

Q: Do you take photos during the courses?

A: Yes.  We use our photos to demonstrate creative possibilities to ensure that you get the best shots of London and the best out of your camera.

Q : Is there any follow-up to review my photos ?

A: Yes, we can review your photos (assuming they are digital) at the break time of the course and we can give you advice on how to improve on them (or compliment you on good work done).

Q: What transport do we use for the courses and tours?

A: We use our feet when we can. For longer tours we use various transports which will always be mentioned on the tours page. Such transport will be included in the price.

Q: Can I bring a non-photographer partner?

A: Yes, but the fee is the same as for 2 or more photographers in a group although we have frequent special offers. We are happy to advise beginners who buy or share a camera..

Q: I can’t find your meeting places ! – why is that ?

A: We haven’t forgotten! Our meeting places are all Central London locations (zone 1) near to public transport. When you book online the meeting places are emailed to you automatically.

Workshops numbers are limited in size (usually 6 people). You book and pay online ahead of time – we therefore don’t want to run the risk of people just turning up on the day hoping to do a course and having to turn them away.

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