Photography Equipment Guide

by LondonPhotoTours and Workshops

For over 12 years we have taught people how to use hundreds of different digital cameras, so we are well placed to give you some advice before you buy. Cameras fall into a few main types which is a good way to try to sort out what you might prefer – after all people have different requirements. The types are Compact, Bridge Cameras, DSLR and finally Interchangeable lens compacts which are also known as Compact System Cameras. In terms of the quality you can expect, it will be Compact at the lowest then Bridge or advanced compact, then MILC then DSLR. You may notice that this relates generally also to price !

So ‘you get what you pay for’ is a sensible way to look at it. You are advised to avoid second-hand cameras and especially lenses through Online auction unless you know your way around very well and go for a seller with a good reputation. We recommend Amazon as extremely good value for new photographic equipment and with a return policy second to none which is why we are an Associate – we have links in this guide to Cameras and other equipment if you are thinking of buying.

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2 Comments on “Photography Equipment Guide”

  1. Hi
    My husband has very kindly bought me a gift certificate for Christmas.

    I have an Olympus E-P1 camera with the lens that came with it (that I use a lot but it doesn’t have a zoom on it) and a second lens a Panasonic Lumiix (that I rarely use but I think it does have a zoom on it). I am interested in the Essential London walking tour. Please could you tell me if my camera is suitable and, if so, which lens would be best to use?

    Many thanks and kind regards

    Sarah Stivala

    1. Great to hear from you Sarah. Your camera is suitable for this London Photography Tour. It’s always handy to use a telephoto lens, if you have one, in addition to the kit lens which came with your Olympus digital camera. This will give you more options when composing your photographs. We have sent an email to you with more information.

      We hope this information helps and look forward to meeting you soon.

      Kind Regards
      Lou Smith

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