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What Information Do We Store ?

We need a certain minimum amount of information to process your order and be able to contact you again about the course or tour. So we require a minimum: this means your name, your email and usually your mobile telephone number. We only want the minimum from you and we do not store it online for a long time. We keep our main records offline in a secure place.

Other information that we might store relates to gift certificates where we need to know who the recipients are – so you are giving out their basic information like name and email address to us on their behalf so that we can process the certificates.

We have several forms relating to large groups, educational establishments, companies where we might need extra information like the name of the company/school and the numbers involved – including email for returning replies. When you fill in one of these forms you are filling it in on their behalf. There is also room for you to give extra information which you deem appropriate to the enquiry – this information is also stored.


We never take financial information since we leave that to Papal who are experts in security. We don’t take that information in the first place but we can check it as necessary through our Paypal account details.

We do not contract our website out to external web-masters who would have access to passwords etc. Our database is kept on secure servers separate from the main website and they cannot be accessed except through our own web-space.

What do we Use this Information For ?

We use this to process your orders efficiently and so we can answer any enquiries you may have about your own booking(s). Once you course has been completed we keep the information as a record but this information will be taken offline and kept offline in a secure place usually within 6 months.

We may use the information we have to send out a very occasional newsletter (we have never sent out more than 4 a year since 2005). We only send them out when we have something to say e.g. let you know of anew course or an extra special offer for former customers.

We do not and don’t intend to pass on or sell details of any customer to an third party. The data is for the uses of We might use this data to inform you of other domains that are run entirely by us but we would keep your data to only.

Links to other websites

It is clear when you are on our website from the header and website colours. You can also check the domain name is included in the address bar.

We have links to other website that may be of interest to our customers. However, once you leave our website using other links please note that we do not control these websites and you should read their privacy policy for your own protection if you are gong to enter any information.

Your Control over your Data

You can opt out at any time from our occasional newsletter by unsubscribing .

If you wish to have your basic online data removed as soon as your business with us is completed please email us and we will comply as soon as practically possible. Note that your data will still be stored securely offline as part of our records of transactions.

Your Consent

Your use of this site implies agreement to this privacy policy and our terms and conditions

Changes To This Policy

Any changes to this policy can be seen updated here.

Cookie Policy

Privacy Statement: How we use Cookies

Cookies are very small data files that are stored on your computer when you visit our website.

You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may stop our website from functioning properly.

Necessary cookies:

We use cookies to help identify your computer so we can remember shopping basket contents and remember where you are in the order process.

The following are not Strictly Necessary, but are required to provide you with the best user experience..

Functional Cookies:

Offer Live Chat Support (If available)

Track the pages you visits via Google Analytics

Targeting Cookies:

Allow you to share pages with social networks such as Facebook (If available)

Allow you to share pages via Add This (If available)

Cookies will not be used to share any personal information with third parties.

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