Photography Courses Online

We have been teaching photography courses online for several years, originally as standalone courses and recently as online live courses using Zoom.

Our knowledge and experience of how to use a vast range of cameras helps greatly when you can’t touch the cameras !

We offer 4 short 2-hour live courses – the ones that work best as online teaching. The things you need to learn like back-lighting, exposure, aperture, and shutter speed can be done in your own room.

Now we can teach students worldwide. The courses are one-to-one except where we have a group booking.

The calendars show real-time availability for your own one-to-one courses.


We have been teaching photography courses outdoors since 2005.  Our knowledge and experience of how to use a huge range of cameras is beyond comparison.  We believe that the best way to learn is through taking photographs on your own camera.

We offer an extensive range of hands-on courses which gives you the essential experience and knowledge you require to take better photographs.  We have taught thousands of novice photographers from around the world who want to improve their photography skills.

Join us live online today and learn how to become a better photographer and start taking better photographs immediately.

If you are looking to buy a course for someone else then a Gift certificate can be a good choice.