Photographing Changing of the Guard at Horseguards Parade

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Changing of the Guard at Horseguards is an Exhilarating Experience

Royal London is full of British heritage and tradition. Changing of the Guard at Horseguards Parade is a lively and colourful event. The emphasis in this location is getting into the best position and shooting fast and quick. Anticipation plays an integral part too.  It’s important to keep a keen eye on the crowd to ensure that you find a good place to photograph the Guard Change.  Lou helps you to find the best viewpoints to photograph from.

I love these ceremonies as it keeps one on one’s toes so to speak! The atmosphere is heady as the crowd starts to grow in anticipation of the Changing of the Guard Ceremony

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard at Horseguards Parade

During the guard change, lifeguards walk about and through the crowd.  In the photograph above see how close the Lifeguard is to the public.  The Lifeguards are part of the Queen’s Household Calvary.  The Queen’s Lifeguards are made up of a squadron of soldiers with red plumed helmets and blue tunics and white plumed helmets and red tunics.  The Lifeguard in the photo above is from the regiment, Blues and Royals.   Changing of the Lifeguards is an exhilarating event and when the changeover is completed the outgoing guards depart on their horses back to barracks.  During the guard change there is an opportunity to photograph the excitement of the event.

The outgoing Lifeguards leave Horseguards Parade

The outgoing Life Guards Squadron leave Horseguards Parade

The outgoing Life Guards Regiment leaves Horseguards Parade with a mounted policeman taking up the rear.  Mounted police lead the way too.  The red tunics look great in Autumn light and add to the colourful nature of the event.  This is Royal London, spectacular and extravagant in its ceremonies and traditions.  During our London Photography Tours we teach the skills you need to capture impressive photographs of this outstanding ceremony.  Work alongside Fine Art Photographer, Lou Smith and learn essential skills to capture fast moving events like the Changing of the Guard.  Lou says;

“Photographing Royal London offers photographers unique opportunities to put their photography skills to the test in a fast moving environment.  It is a thoroughly exhilarating experience!”Lou Smith Fine Art Photographer

Join us next time for Changing of the Guard during our Private Heritage Photography Tour.

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