Small Group Photography Tuition

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Small Group Photography Tuition is A Great Way to Learn Photography

Today’s Beginners Photography Course is going really well.  Course attendees are all on time eagerly anticipating the start of today’s small group course.  Camera batteries are fully charged and memory cards are large enough to handle the extra photos taken during one of our photography courses.  Our small group had 6 course participants attending – Emily who cannot be seen in this shot is walking towards the group.  She is moving towards the group as they practice different focus modes.

Small Group Photography Tuition

Photography Course Students Practice Different Focus Modes During a Beginners Photography Course

It’s February and the weather is a bit chilly but that does not hamper our small group tuition photography course.  The guys and gals of the Beginners Photography Course are wearing hats and gloves and warm jackets.  Perfect Guys!  This group of course attendees are a great bunch of people and we had lots of fun.  They each took turns to pose for the group during our practice assignments all of which was done with great humour.  Our small group tuition courses are fun and informative.  We provide intense learning experiences but make sure that they are enjoyable too!

Halfway through the course we have a working break in a nearby cafe.  We warm up and enjoy completing a few assignments indoors.  When fully warmed we head off and work outdoors until all the photography assignments have been completed.  The emphasis in our courses is that we learn practically rather than theoretically.  This makes learning fun and interactive.  Our small group tuition means that we always have time for one to one tuition for each course attendee.  All in all, a great photography workshop with a great bunch of people.   From left to right in the photograph; Sarah, Tom, Rob, Dhan and Christina.

Join us on our next small group Beginners Photography Course.  See you soon.

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