Charles I Statue

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King Charles I Statue and Nelson’s Column
King Charles I Statue in Trafalgar Square

Charles I Statue and Nelson’s Column

Just one of the moments during a London Photography Tour. King Charles I statue is situated at the southern end of Trafalgar Square. This is a poignant statue as Charles I is positioned facing towards Parliament, where he was executed in 1649 outside the Banqueting House in Whitehall.

The statue is the official centre of London, from where all measurements are made when calculating distance to and from the central point. There is a bronze plaque situated aft of the statue which marks the central spot.

Our Royal history is intense and often brutal where kings and queens and future royals were secured in the Tower and then never seen again. Charles I had a stormy relationship with Parliament and raised too many taxes unreasonably and imprisoned those who did not pay. Charles I was executed at the height of the English Civil War and his son and heir Charles II fled to Europe.

The statue poses interesting photographic options as when looking up towards a subject which is backlit, the subject will be too dark. We have to make an exposure compensation to render detail on the subject. Charles I statue is a great subject for learning about back lighting in our London Photography Tours. The tonal range of the statue and Nelson’s column is also very good for understanding contrasts in black and white photography. History and Photography in the Making. Join us next time!

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