Creating Mood and Atmosphere in Street Photography

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Everyone loves an atmospheric image as it is the stuff of emotional responses and resonance.  Atmosphere draws us in to have a closer look at an image therefore understanding how to capture mood and atmosphere is essential to being able to create it.

Atmospheric Street Photography

Creating Mood and Atmosphere in Street Photography

5 Tips on How To Create Mood and Atmosphere
  • shoot into the light
  • shoot in low light
  • use different textures
  • select colour temperature
  • use a wide aperture

The street photo above uses all these element to create a moody atmospheric image.  Lou shot directly into the light of the stall and created a darker image which instantly creates mood as elements in the scene are less distinguishable.  Low light helped to slow shutter speed down so that the steam from cooking trails atmospherically through the shot.  The atmospheric colour and tones of this image adds to the moody quality of the image.  A wide aperture reduces the depth of field and adds softening to the background detail.  When combined all these elements create moody and atmospheric street photography.

Spend time looking around the location to find the perfect spot to capture your images.  Find what interests you as a photographer and get into position.  Have your camera ready for action by manually focusing your lens in the area you are going to photograph.  Set up your shutter speed and white balance in advance so that when you raise your camera to your eye you are ready to trip the shutter at the precise moment.  Atmospheric street is like that, it comes to you when you are in position.  Low light is perfect too as your subjects are concentrating on where they are going or what they are looking at.  No need to run after the shots as they will appear directly in front of you! 

Join Lou next time on one of our Street Photography Courses and capture atmospheric street photography.

Creating Mood and Atmosphere in Street Photography

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