Creative Photography Techniques

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Learning New Creative Photographic Techniques
Learning New Creative Photography Techniques

Graeme looks up to explore different angles of view

Creative Seeing this week was a blast with photography students keen to learn new creative techniques. This is an exciting course as students move out of their comfort zone to try new ways of photographing. The small group this week worked really hard and were enthusiastic in their photographic approach to try new creative techniques.  You can join Creative Seeing with any type of digital camera as the emphasis is on creating and making images.  It is not necessary to have a DSLR for this course, but having a camera with manual controls does help to make changes to the way in which your photographs look.  Advanced compacts and bridge cameras are suitable too.  Graeme used his telephoto lens to simplify composition and reduce unnecessary elements in his photographs.  Graeme said that he did not usually zoom in so much, but doing so had a beneficial effect on his understanding of composition.

Exploring Creative Photography Techniques

Duncan gets in close so that he can capture a different viewpoint

Duncan wanted to improve composition and add different surfaces and textural quality to his photographs.  Photography is a creative journey through which to explore visual enquiries to discover your personal vision.  Duncan discovered detail in a scene which previously he was unaware of.  The creative course opened his eyes to see what was around him in a way he had not experienced before.

Creative Seeing is a course which guides photographers to discover their own unique take on everyday elements.  We have a lot of fun during this course, but it’s serious fun if you know what I mean!

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