mentoring by course – portraiture

black and white portrait photo of a man looking to the right. the left side of the phtograph is black


Everyone loves a great portrait, but achieving this can at times be elusive. Learn how to capture great portraits through one to one mentoring with Lou Smith.  This photography course explores a variety of ways to create powerful, captivating portraits full of character and expression using outdoor or natural light.  Explore composition, framing, natural light and how to use it expressively. Lou Smith will evaluate and critique your assignments which offer insights into creating your signature style.

No studio lighting needed, but some accessories like reflectors. Our online portrait photography course is delivered in 6 modules.  Mentoring, image critique and evaluation by Lou Smith.

  1. Introduction to Outdoor Portraiture
  2. Locations
  3. Using Accessories
  4. Expressions
  5. Personal Assignment
  6. Final Assessment

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