South Bank Food Fare

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South Bank Centre Food Markets, Photography and Polarising Filters
South Bank Photography Tour

Delightful Pims on the South Bank

This week’s South Bank Photography Tour was great.  Our small group of tour attendees turned up on time and kept no-one waiting.  We like it when everything runs on time!  Taking in the warmth of the day we double check that everyone has a bottle of water in their kit bags.  Water is an essential piece of kit during a heatwave!  We head off to the South Bank to discover the People and Places of the South Bank.

We stop at the London Eye and explore its magnificent positioning on the London skyline.  The Summer sunshine is here to stay and if you have a polarising filter you can use it to control reflections.  There are a lot of white surfaces on the London Eye.  Polarising filters are handy to use when its sunny.  The polarising effect of the filter reduces reflections on shiny surfaces and makes shadows deeper.  Another big plus  is that it will make blue skies more blue and those fluffy white clouds whiter.  Rotate the ring of the filter to get the depth of blue and shadows that you want in the skyline.

Later in the day we photograph the bustling South Bank Centre Food Market.  Wow – so many great things on the go.  Colourful food, savouries, gorgeous cakes and other amazing treats spill from the market stalls.  Everything just pops with colour and this is great for trying out filters – if you have a polariser or other filters, bring them along !

Loving the South Bank.  Join us next time on our South Bank Photography Tour

We specialise in small groups with places limited to 6.  See you soon…

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