Ducks in Trafalgar Square

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Ducks Arrive at Trafalgar Square Fountains
Ducks on a Pond

Ducks swimming in the fountains in Trafalgar Square

We know that Summer has finally arrived as ducks are now swimming in the fountains at Trafalgar Square.  Here they are enjoying a quiet tour of one of the fountains.  The water is cool and the ducks are gently asking to be fed.  Rich pickings to be had from all the tourists who are only too delighted to oblige.  I think the ducks have flown in from St James’ Park which is nearby.  Certainly this makes our London Photography Tours really enjoyable as it gives us the opportunity to set our cameras for a wildlife shoot!

In this photograph I advise the group to work in shutter speed priority and recommend a fast shutter to capture a sharp shot of the moving ducks.  They are always moving, looking for tit-bits and this adds an exciting challenge for our tour group.  We also set a tracking focus to ensure that we can maintain focus throughout our shots.  This enables clarity of shot and in the photograph above we can see the detail and water droplets on the Mallard’s feathers.  The female duck is softly out of focus as depth of field drops off gently behind the mallard.

Join us on one of Photography Tours in London for an exceptional learning experience.  We will help you to get the best shots possible.

See you soon for a great day of photography!

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