Photography Courses in London

We have been teaching photography courses outdoors since 2005.  Our knowledge and experience of how to use a huge range of cameras is beyond comparison.  The best way to learn is through taking photographs on your own camera.

We offer an extensive range of hands-on courses which gives you the essential experience and knowledge you require to take better photographs.  LondonPhotoTours and Workshops have taught thousands of novice photographers from around the world who want to improve their photography skills.




If you are looking to buy a course or a tour for someone else and you are not sure what they might want or what their standard is, then a Gift certificate is a good choice.  Many of them offer a choice of courses or tours so the recipient can choose for themselves.

2 Comments on “Photography

  1. Lauren

    I am looking to take a short intense refresher course in digital photography and Photoshop
    Let me know what you would recommend
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Lauren spelling

    1. Lou Smith

      Great to hear from you Lauren. We recommend you start with our Beginners Photography Course which will refresh your and update your photography skills. Our Beginners Course takes place on a Saturday outdoors in Central London. Once your camera and photography skills are updated your next step is to book a Photoshop Course. We hope this information helps.

      Kind Regards
      Lou Smith

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