Importance of Light in Photography

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Today in Trafalgar Square the light is dramatic with high contrasts.  This poses questions for our tour attendees who want to know how to deal with the tricky subject of contrasty lighting conditions. When light is bright we need to control the amount of light we let into our cameras.  This is done through understanding the relationship of shutter speed, aperture and ISO.  Best to protect highlights on bright sunny days by using exposure compensation.  If this is something you are not familiar with, Lou expertly shows you  how to set your camera.

Understanding Light in Photographyhy

Expressive Use of Light in Photography

The photo shows the expressive force of light on the water from the fountains in Trafalgar Square.  A fast shutter speed is set to maintain detail and freeze water drops.  There is an amazing display of the horizontal and vertical force of the water as it shoots out from the fountains.  Lou uses a -1 exposure compensation through using a faster shutter speed.  This makes the image darker and protects the highlights of the water.  This technique slightly underexposes the photo and creates the necessary contrasts which enables the water to burst forth with expressive energy, whilst protecting highlights and detail.

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Importance of Light in Photography

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