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Another great London Photo Tour with expert photographer and tutor Lou Smith.  London is beautiful in early summer.  Trees are in leaf and flower scents are blowing gently in the breeze.  We love this time of year as Spring moves gently into Summer.  It’s a wonderful introduction to what is ahead – warm summer evenings and lots of filtered light.  Today we are in Trafalgar Square and Lou is leading our Essential London Photography Tour

London Photo Tour

Photograph the Mermaids during a London Photo Tour

London Photo Tour Highlights

This is a lively London Photo Walk where we take time to explore the impressive detail of the sculptures sited in Trafalgar Square.  Trafalgar Square is famous for its mermaid sculptures which dominate the fountains.  The surface of the sculptures are beautifully textured by the elements and are delightful to photograph.  One of our highlights is to learn photography on the go; and in this photo we use shallow depth of field to extract the mermaid from the back ground.  The mermaid is beautifully rendered using this creative technique.  Lou shows you how to capture outstanding images at all times during the London Photo Tour through exploring different angles of view.

In this photo we also visualise the image using different shutter speeds to achieve the effect  we want to add to the image.  Once visualisation is completed we then frame and compose the shot.  Lou will show you how to review your photos to ensure the best results possible.  Find out more about our Photography Tours in London .  Our highlights are to ensure you go home with outstanding photographs and amazing memories of London…join Lou next time!

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