Low Light Photography

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Twilight is a great time to photograph London landmarks. As we approach dusk the ambient light creates a colourful atmosphere within which to capture low light photography.  A recent night photography course combined a twilight shoot in addition to a night shoot.  Lou Smith Fine Art Photographer and expert tutor delivers our night courses.

Low Light Photography

Setting up Cameras for Low Light Photography

Twilight is a magical time as light is very colourful and adds a wonderful luminous glow to the image.  In the photo of the London Eye and Big Ben the sky is a luminous blue which glows gently in the background and offers a beautiful contrast against the pinks of the lights on the London Eye.  We manage exposure correctly to enable the details on the clock face of Big Ben be clearly rendered.  We recommend using manual mode as this gives the ultimate in exposure control.  Using this technique we control exposure and avoid burning out highlights.   Lou guides you expertly during the night photography workshop

During our low light photography course we always use a tripod as this enables us to get sharp detail on the static elements in the image.  Some of the group members bring a lightweight gorilla pod and use that effectively too.  When travelling it’s handy having a gorilla pod as it fits neatly in your camera bag.  Look out for suitable raised objects with flat tops to rest it on.  There are many  ready made supports in a city setting.  If you want to use slow shutter speeds and avoid using narrow apertures of f22 we recommend you use an ND filter.  The filter enables slow exposure with apertures of around f11.  This is useful as it enables using a lens near its sharpest aperture value.

Join us next time and capture colourful low light photography with Lou.

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