Photographing Trafalgar Square at Christmas

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Norwegian Christmas Tree Fills Trafalgar Square
Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square

Norwegian Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square

We are excited about Christmas and know that it has arrived when we are photographing in Trafalgar Square. Here the Norwegian Christmas tree dominates Trafalgar Square and even makes the Landseer Lions look tiny!  To photograph this subject we teach our students about backlighting.  If we take the shot on an average exposure the tree and the rest of the detail in Trafalgar Square will be too dark, i.e., underexposed.  To achieve detail we need to let more light into our cameras and make an exposure compensation.  Depending upon the camera you use it will be around +.07 or 1 stop.  This is just perfect here as we can see the colour on the Christmas tree and also capture the rich red of our London buses.  This amount of exposure compensation also enables us to keep cloud detail in the sky.  There is a haze over Big Ben in the background of the photo – but we like this as it adds atmosphere to the shot.  The red London buses are great in the backdrop as they add a touch of colour.

When you are out and about in London with your camera remember to check that you are capturing all the detail in the scene.  If you get stuck with this drop us an email or add a comment below and we will  recommend the perfect photography course for you.   Check out our photography courses and tours as they will help you brush up on your photography skills. 

We look forward to working with you and sharing our photography skills with you soon.

Photographing Trafalgar Square

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